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    July 14, 2018
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    I used this place for colocation based on other reviews I read but once I move the server there their system was slow with very high latency and they have no support system or client section other than a form on their website. They answer emails when they feel like it and on important issue don't respond. Very shady business style setup. So I decided I won't renew with them and their response was to hit me up for an extra month. There excuse was even though I was on a monthly plan which I paid for a year up front they felt that I should still pay them for another year and if not then I have to pay them for at least a month. Note that at the time there was NO documentation OR notice that I had to give them any notice but they decided I should give them 30 days (this is the shady low business I mentioned) So I paid them the extra month and advised them I have to set up transport that will take some time which they said OK they can hold the server. Well when I finally set up transport they said I have to pay another month because they never got back to me to conform holding the server (yes they never got back to me) and the excuse was because I didn't say for how long, Of course I couldn't say for how long because I'm international location they knew that and setting up transport can be a few days or a month (catch 22). (remember that shady business I mentioned) Anyway there is so much more to this, if you are thinking about using them you should think long and hard and definitely don't colo with them unless you are ready to lose your server.

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    • IDC Thailand ( signed up on 04-27-17 and paid for an entire year ahead to receive a month discount. Since they have signed up with us there has been absolutely not one ticket in regards to any issues with our network, billing and/or abuse. When it came down to renew, our billing dept sent a monthly invoice on May 2018 which IDC paid. When we received the complaint below, we contacted Mr. Gary Browne via email and there has been no response since. The one server he had with us was turned off since. We really hope to hear from IDC Thailand and resolve any miss-understandings he may have with our team at Colocation America.

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