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    March 01, 2014
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    March 01, 2014

    It was alright at first, but then...

    Their CEO was nice at first, quick reply times and their CEO added me on Skype. Then the day after the first, they had an DDoS attack costing my site to be over 15 hours down. I wrote a ticket, they give me one month free. But then I did not want to carry on, as their CEO told me the company makes no profit, and that they only have 2 staff, so I did not like how it sounds, it sounded like it was not going to be money wise, around. They make you use this cPanel theme that is very poor bug, and they don't let you change it to the normal one. I asked for a refund, and their CEO turned nasty and said, fine, but don't come back? He changed very quicky, he only be friend because I bought of him. I got the reply so I signed back in to my ticket area, and it said "wrong password / email" and I try 3 times, and noticed he deleted my account to. I would suggest NO ONE to use this company, as if their CEO is like that, then this company does not need to be around.

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