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Updated: 14 Jan 2019 | Next update: 21 Jan 2019

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About Datacate

Datacate is dedicated to providing a secure and reliable Internet services for our customers to manage and operate their networks, equipment, and online services. This gives our clients the chance to focus their time and efforts toward growing their businesses, headache-free. We provide quality products at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for cloud solutions, colocation, connectivity, or more, we have a solid solution that will be among the best priced in the area. We are dedicated to being the long term solution for our clients. This commitment means always staying up with the latest technologies, procedures, and implementations. By constantly finding new ways to innovate and identify efficiencies, we are able to keep both our clients and our own business ahead of the curve.

Datacate hosting plans

Select product

deploy in minutes

control server via easy control panel

scale on demand: add strorage, bandwidth. IPs or procs

dozens of popular Windows and Linux dists

Choose from dozens of one-click app installers

Choose from over a dozen popular Linux distributions. Includes i vproc, 256MB RAM, 15GB storage, 1Mbps (320GB) bandwidth and 1 IPv4 address.

For the Geeks

Full root / administrator access

IPMI remote management

Enterprise-class Hardware, Dedicated switchport

Dedicated IPv4 address space (IPv6 upon request)

24/7 remote hands support

DEDICATED $139.00 /mo.

Processor: Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.5GHz Memory: 4GB RAM Storage: 72GB HD RAID Operating System: CentOS 6.5 64bit or Windows 2008 Server Bandwidth: 20Mbps (6TB) on burstable 100Mbps uplink Address Space: up to /29 IP subnet

For the Geeks

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