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  • September 26, 2018
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    September 26, 2018


    The reason for this email is that our department got a new team leader a few months ago who drives me crazy. The team leader (Joel A.) and manager (Sherwin C.) whom I can reach out to my concerns and state what my issues seemed to ignore it. I am not prepared to face under-the-belt methods that used to get back at me in terms of evaluation, promotions, etc. There is almost no proven method to avoid that if they decided to screw me or shall we say, the boss is on a power tripping. These types of behaviors can damage employee morale and degrade the integrity and reputation of the company. Even one could better rationalize the amount of stress for the job paying $13/per day, therefore, I worked $1.6/hr. The stress induced at this wage just isn't worth it. There are plenty of other jobs for this pay without the stress level. The management's 'promise' to work on the matter is the blanket statement but it's not actually in process. There can be a lot of office politics and scapegoating. Honestly, I cannot feel any growth in my job but it's a dead-end job. They expect so much from the employees' example high production, no mistakes, etc. But the pay is horrible. No salary raises for anyone. Little-to-NO pay raises, ever. Though they constantly say they will be doing "yearly reviews"-- they don't because they only devaluate employees. Seems like a lot of false promises. Treat employees with the respect they deserve. If all employees will get a survey of each manager and supervisors and want to know their feedbacks, they will rate it as a poor management. If you were in my shoes, would you still like to stay? or quit and look for a better one? or change the poor & ineffective management?

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