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    November 17, 2015
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    November 17, 2015


    Great until you have problems

    Price is great. Product offering is moslty perfect. However there are some oddities to the email and how well it works from outlook to android. There are certificate errors that flake out the email client from time to time resulting in having to remove the email account and reinstall it ( a real pain across a business of 10+ people). All support can do is blame everybody else. Then they just quit responding to tickets. Try and call in and talk to a human, I dare you! voice mails left, no response. So other than the reoccurring email account failures and lack of support its great. I was hoping, now Im shopping.

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    • Our staff told you you where going over email sending limits and usage for your web site hosting package which is in our terms of service where listed when you signed up for our service and you needed Dedicated IP Address & SSL Certificate to send email using SSL which you did not included when you ordered and did not wish to add-on after you signed up the start up plan alone you does not support your type business needs for you email mass marketing for the $36 three year start-up web site hosting package you where given upgrade options to support your business needs as well as options Priority Phone support & Dedicated account manager 24x7x365 phone support for any issues or questions that might arise. which can be found on our web site as well which you declined to upgrade and ask for a refund which we provided and we politely asked you to find another web host simply because of your abusive and aggressive nature. We do not tolerate abuse towards staff, profanities towards staff Our staff deserve to work in an environment that is not aggressive and abusive in nature.

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