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    June 01, 2018
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    June 01, 2018



    Guys, IMO, DTS-NET is the worst of the worst. I am not a competitor, or trying to spread FUD, just telling you what happened. They have no courtesy, no compassion, and no mercy whatsoever. They will not even respond to emails sent to either of their main addresses. They auto-renewed via Paypal (even though they were not on the Pre-Approved or Subscription list). I sent a polite email the day they hit my unfunded account the same day, explaining the situation and asking them the courtesy of reversing the charge. Crickets. Unbeknownst to me, PayPal will hit your bank account up to THREE TIMES to try to collect, and each time the bank charges a $35 fee. Yes, BofA is partially at fault for allowing this, as is PayPal, but it all could have been avoided if DTS had just shown a little human decency in the first place. And I know, they will likely try to defend themselves with some sort of noble reply, but as of this moment, they are completely ignoring the situation, and I'm out $105 plus $18 for a hosting service that is absolutely worthless to me.

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