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    April 01, 2016
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    April 01, 2016

    Watch your wallet

    I've had several accounts with them over the years. Service is okay, although sometimes there are lengthy downtimes. But they're underhanded in the ways they charge you. I just signed up for a new domain name and hosting, and carefully deselected all the add-on services which they want to sell you. But when I got the bill, they had added Sitelock and Site Backups for an extra 30 some bucks, services which I don't need. So if you use them: - check your receipts carefully for extra charges - go to Billing Central and deselect auto renewal for your domain and hosting. When it comes time to renew they will notify you. Check what the renewal fees will be, they're probably considerably higher than the first year. Do this a couple months before the expiration date. If you want to transfer your domain name to another host, it will take several weeks, and could take a couple months. The whole system is suspect, frankly.

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