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At Leakedin Ltd, we are devoted to the provision of premium-quality, human-oriented hosting solutions. Our goal is to render the web hosting service as easy to use as possible. Hosting Services Our portfolio includes a rich assortment of web hosting packages, which offer lavish hard drive storage space and bandwidth quotas, domain name registration/transfer options, easy-to-use Domain and Email Managers, multiple website hosting possibilities, as well as free-of-charge bonus tools, among them a single-click PHP scripts installation tool and a site builder. All hosting accounts can be easily administered through our multilingual hosting Control Panel. A round-the-clock customer support service is offered too. Hosting Platform What sets us apart from other web hosting companies is the circumstance that we have an entirely different web hosting platform and Control Panel. The main contrast between our Hepsia hosting Control Panel and the widely used cPanel is that our web hosting Control Panel offers billing, domain name and web site administration possibilities, which saves you the effort of remembering several login credentials for different hosting Control Panels.

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