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    June 10, 2013
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    June 10, 2013


    Globat makes you lose your sales, revenues, your business.

    Globat provides you with a webbuilding software which contains some scripts that are not compatible with a Security Certificate on most browsers. If your site is secure it must show: https-lock-popup statement: connection encrypted. Globat will force you to buy the S.C. which is essential to accept cr.cards by your shopping card. However, Globat never check if this S.C. is really working on every browser. If you are not a geek to see the problem early, you will lose all your sales, revenue & possible your business. If your store is not secure, your shopping card will give a warning to buyers that your store is unencrypted & the info about your customers’ cr.cards may be viewed by anyone. Buyers never will purchase anything at your store and warn everyone around about it. When you, finally, understand why you have no sales on your site and ask Globat to correct the problem you will be drugged into endless, senseless, timeless correspondence with incompetent and indifferent tech-support.

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