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    September 02, 2013
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    September 02, 2013


    Bad Billing Practices

    I have never had any complaints about their services, which for me (small-timer) were fine, the site is well-organized, support is good etc... HOWEVER, the Globat billing practices border on theft or sometimes clearly and simply are theft. E.g. they used to send me emails saying that if I do not opt out of an upgrade, they would simply upgrade my account, and off course they would upgrade the bill accordingly. I just discovered that they have been charging my credit card for an account that has been closed for ages and that they have added several upgrades to this account. The weird thing is that they are doing this on a credit card that did not even exist at the time I was a client with them. I know it is easy to get confused about such things, but in my case it is clear. After being self-employed (which is why I had the site), I closed the site and went to work for a bank (which is where I got the credit card). Overall, it does not matter how good their service is, stay away.

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