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    July 08, 2009
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    July 08, 2009


    Don't be fooled by "unlimited" space

    I've been with Globat for almost 5 years now without incident...until I decided to upgrade to their "Unlimited" space/bandwidth package. Of course AFTER paying 50.00 to upgrade, about a month later they tell me that I have too many files on my "unlimited" account. I had 60GB on there. They're telling me the space is to ONLY store web related files and NOT videos, pictures or music files. Umm...aren't those the type of files most people host? After asking them to hold off from deleting any of my folders until I came back from vacation...i came back from vacation and they deleted 2 huge folders. I've asking for a restore but they're taking their sweet time with that. Other then this..i've never had a problem.

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