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    July 10, 2009
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    July 10, 2009


    Perfect waste of money

    In search of a good hosting solution, and after reading your comparison charts, i decided to go for http://www.globat.com/ . After just a week or so of active membership (good speed, ftp uplod, mysql db, etc), i found myself without access (login error) and the explanation i received was and i quote "..your account and email were found suspect and one of our techs deleted your account...". In addition i was told that the only sollution was to register again. (only a fool perhaps...). I replyed to them that although my account was found suspect (i am yet to know in what aspect, and i do not accept de email explanation), the did not find suspect my payment in their account. (which no refund policy is available). My advice: be carefull, and AVOID www.globat.com, as you may find yourself with your account deleted, from one day to another, withount ANY explanation, email, etc. TO AVOID!!, best regards

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