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    April 13, 2017
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    April 13, 2017


    Unlimited Disk Space and Domains - that isn't

    Others have talked about the crooked billing. We had those problems as well. We have been with Globat over ten years, on their "Unlimited Disk Space" plan. As we decided to do ecommerce, we started another website. And suddenly "Unlimited Disk Space" became no more than 25 Gb - total - for all the websites (unlimited websites too!) you have. And when you ask where it says that, they helpfully say it's not there: Ravikumar H You are on shared Hosting plan, so you can upto 25GB space. 1:21:29 PM Ravikumar H You have to delete files from account and please make sure that you are under 25GB 1:38:50 PM Rick Where do I see the size limitations at the page describing the plan: globat.com/globat/gx01.bml 1:53:42 PM Ravikumar H We don't have there 1:54:50 PM Rick So... you advertise tthe GX01 plan as having unlimited disk space, but somewhere else (if I look long enough) it's actually limited to 25 Gb for ALL your websites? 1:58:22 PM Family website - sure. Otherwise, run away.

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