• 3.56
    September 11, 2011
    • User-friendliness
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    September 11, 2011


    You get what you pay for...

    First of all.. think 10 meg file limit.. This is not a service if you want to stream massive video or audio. If you do, get a third party service and link it to your site like I do. Its cheap, cheap, cheap. I too am a sysadmin and have built many many sites. I use globat because they are cheap, but I have developed work around's that make their service useful. I have not had a problem with their tech support because I know exactly whats wrong and can request EXACTLY what I need done. Additionally, if you don't have the backup service, your stupid. Yes, they automatically bill you for different services. However, if you stay on top of your billing you can request a refund if you dont use what they are billing for. I have used their service for 8 years and will continue to use them. www.leegattenbymusic.com, www.leegattenby.com, www.troubadournorth.com, www.destinationtwelve.com

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