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    August 24, 2017
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    August 24, 2017

    Terrible customer service

    I originally set up with Godaddy and the guy I spoke to on the phone was really helpful and cheery. He sold me what he said I needed to get my site established. The trouble is I live in Australia and the only mail service I could connect to my site was US Mail or UPS. Absolutely no good here in Australia. I asked for my money back as I had bought four years in advance and was told I could not have it. So I lost my money and my web site was useless. So I had to swallow a lot of humble pie and engaged a local website designer / manager. She got a half decent site going using Wordpress on Hostpapa. I paid her off after a while because she was expensive and I learned how to manage my own site which I have been doing well since. So, recently I heard that Godaddy had really improved their service and as Hostpapa had allowed my site to get hacked I decided to move back to Godaddy. The tech guy helped me migrate the whole site, he agreed that the original package I was sold was rubbish and arranged for me to get the equivalent time again but without having to pay again. I paid a small amount for extra security and monitoring. Jammal told me my whole site would be moved across. Over a month later I find that my site is still not "active" because I have not given them an activation code. I didn't know I had to do this. I get back to Hostpapa only to find my original website designer / manager has all the codes and security questions in her name. So I then have to get her to get hold of Hostpapa and tell them to give me control of my site. They send my authorisation code to her!!! She then sends it to me and I send it to Godaddy. A week later and I find out that customers cannot see my website on Chrome and I cannot see it using Safari. Talking to the Godaddy tech guy I find that my site is currently hosted in North America when it should be hosted in the Australasian server. All this is wasting time and money. Writhing with frustration I am now required to phone Godaddy again to see why customers are unable to access my website. Even I can't access my site. What is going on? Oh, and we also have just learned that the email that was with my website is not going across to Godaddy. Why didn't the Godaddy tech guy say that this was not going to come over? It is embedded in the Hostpapa site I had previously. So they want me to pay extra to get the email across to Godaddy..

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