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    September 03, 2017
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    September 03, 2017

    WTH Godaddy? Infuriating

    I've been with Godaddy now nearly a decade. I've stayed with them mostly because of their strong IT support and security. Three things with Godaddy have me infuriated and their insufficient response to those things has been infuriating. First when they abruptly changed their website for mats or year and a half ago. The first domain changes made my paid internet advertising completely useless and all of my hyperlinks became 404 not found's. They could've cared less. Secondly the new SEO templates are nearly useless As they cater to the lowest of customer understanding. The outsourced SEO services they offer are only concerned with getting impressions, not customers. For $300 a month, they had poitioned me as the number one source on the index -selling an item didn't exist in a state with no demand for what I sell. Wow! Thanks for that. Again Godaddy could care less. Lastly, Yotpo review system that they place on my website is a scam. Godaddy allows Yotpo to encourage my customers to rate their buying experience and give my product ratings on my site. In itself that would be fine. I sell a great product that I am proud of. But the service also allows competitors that have not made a purchase to smear my service and products. I can only respond publicly to these falshoods if I pay Yotpo $6k a year (their cheapest plan). Today I had a customer who also purchased a similar product from a competitor and then rated my competitor's inferior product and poor service on my page! The customer recognized his error and is unable to correct his error and I am unlikely to pay the extortion money. When I called Godaddy for redress, I was told to write a review ... Well, there you go. Absolutely infuriating.

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