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    September 25, 2017
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    September 25, 2017

    Scammers, incompetent and spammers

    Utter scammers who have stolen a whole day or longer of my life because everything I try to do with them is a big hassle. For example, I have had to attempt a domain transfer 4 times because they keep refusing it. They come up with a new excuse each time which they should have told me before providing me with the wrong information. Like today they gave me the wrong EPP code. Their domain transfer instructions page is incorrect. They list 6 steps and say that's it at the end. It isn't because you then have to go any accept on a hidden page, otherwise they keep your domain. One big scam to keep you with them and keep trying to upsell. Last year a clients website was offline for days too, we don't even host the site with them, just have the domain there. So they are incompetent as well as being scammers. Support is useless, they have to pass me around the world to see notes that are only viewable in the country they were made. They are spammers because of the ridiculous upsells that you are bombarded with. So many of my clients have useless addons like silly domain names and paying for email as well as hosting. Someone should sue them, there must be a case to make millions.

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