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    November 22, 2017
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    November 22, 2017

    Beware of GoDaddy's Current Policies, Tactics and Leadership

    I want to first start by saying that I have been a GoDaddy host customer since 2005, early 2006 and a domain customer since before that... My sites, and have been hosted with GoDaddy since 2006. I have a number of other domains that are with them but not hosted... Recently, I had a charge fo $710.00 for 10 unlimited emails for 3 years. I called in to check on what was supposed to be a one year auto-renew, as well as my hosting accounts that are also one year renewals. At some point several years ago,, one of their agents suggested that I have my main domain hosted with their unlimited hosting and my other domain hosted with their Economy plan. I did that, and it has been that way for 3+ years... in July 2017, my economy play renewed, and I asked them as they have to consolidate it into the Unlimited plan since I was spending so much on the emails. They refused to do it, as they now have a 30-day refund policy on anything they sell vs the one they used to have which is the more standard, apply the balance of what was left to what you are purchasing... In essence, what I paid for in July would be lost, and they would not cancel the Economy plan until it ended at the end of July 2o18. Early on, GoDaddy was a solid company with great customer service. The agents were friendly and cared about their customers. Today, they are a shell of what they once were, a brand name that exhibits the worst customer service I have seen in recent memory. Their unwillingness to work with a customer of 12+ years on changes to their account has me starting my head. Again, they had just billed me $710 for 3 years of email; Don't be fooled by their lies and taken hostage by their 3-year plans. You as a consumer should have the right to move your plan when they do not live up to the expectations that each of us holds for the companies we spend our hard-earned money with. They know that many customers hate the hassel of moving their domains, so they are banking on the fact that a greater percentage will complain but still be a loyal customer, signing up for 3 more years. I, on the other hand, will be taking my domains elsewhere. I will not stand for the arrogance that this company has throughout. GoDaddy was once a company that care for their customers, offered great pricing and had industry standard policies, but now it has none of the above! Look around, there are much better options today, and I give them zero stars on anything other than their reliability... I have not had many issues there, but with the influx of so may reputable companies, GoDaddy would be my last choice if they were the only choice!

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    • Also, I meant to include that I have had a number of issues with my email not getting to me. It is also worth noting that their CS Policy on refunds is the worst policy you could ever have for a company you are spending money with. Beware!!!

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