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    April 28, 2019
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    April 28, 2019

    The worst of the worst

    Any other hosting is better than GODADDY.COM. Once you purchase the most expensive hosting with UNLIMITED space the hidden things pop up. You work hard to accumulate or put together your content, data and resources for your website and upload to the server. They will suddenly SUSPEND your account not only the one but ALL websites under that account. You will get an email with a list of folders forcing you to delete them or your account will remain suspended. I was FORCED to remove a 3.8 gig folder because they said it was too big and they will not reinstate my account otherwise. You will be FORCED to purchase a DEDICATED server to host those files. Be aware of this new way to make money. The technical service sucks too you have to hold for 45 minutes before minimum wage employee with no idea will come on the phone who will repeat the same thing over and over and over, with no immediate resolution to your problem. You have to call several times to get things working. Most of the time their servers are down I’ve had to call so many times asking why my site was down. Same answer every time “We are sorry we are working on it”. They have the most unreliable software installed, most of the time WordPress doesn’t even work. Their biggest problem if running xml database files, let me not begin on simple php and java scripts have to be loaded. When you call them, they will blame right back at you “You have to follow proper procedure to make them work, you can delete and re-install, we don’t provide software support, if you like a professional we can hook you with someone for $75 an hour.” started great in late 2000 but it is worn out now, check their stock on Nasdaq they are all downhill. In conclusion ANYONE IS BETTER THAN

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