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    May 20, 2019
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    May 20, 2019

    Not good for other languages or sharing

    If your hoping to do a online store in different languages you will be disappointed. They always say they are working on a solution to the templates not being available in the language you want to use. A lot of the format can be changed but the important stuff needed during the customer shopping cart purchase area is simply not available. The e-reply when the customer has made a purchase is also not able to change language. So considering the cost associated with a go daddy website it is simply not worth it. It is nothing personal. They simply are not committed to doing the development needed to keep up with a global economy. They take the easy money with little research and development or investment. Also people can't lIke your pages They say they are wor king on a fix. They also say they will get back to you with news. They dont. The only time you hear from them is to get money. Yes they can go to your social media platforms. But it is 2019 and people want to share and like whatever they want. Go daddy is behind the times and desperately needs young blood to deliver what people are looking for.... People liking and sharing your stuff is the way things are done. Not with go daddy. They are so far behind for such a big company. If you need a simple store for your business in your city go daddy will suit your needs. If you want to expand they just might not be up to the challenge

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