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    July 01, 2019
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    July 01, 2019

    OK for what the offer

    I asked five support personal over five phone call's while I had them on the phone for one thing or another. They were asked if when I moved my URL if my website would come over the way it was at the host I was leaving. One of the teck support people told me on one phone call that it would be the same as it was at the old host. Today I called 6/30/19 and another told me no it would have to be built from scratch. I informed him (and by the way they were selling me all sorts of programs that I was told I would need to have. But today I was told that it as I said have to be a new build. I told him what the other guy told me in a 45 min. phone call that it would come over the way it was. He told me that he could not have told me that as it is not true. He then went and said he was going to have a supervisor check the call I had with the guy who told me that it would come over the way I have it at He came back in 5 min and told me that they checked the 45 min call in 5 min and that the guy did not say what I had told him the man told me. And that the sale of 20 dollars and change would not be refunded to me as it was never told to me as I said it was told to me. As far as I can tell you run, run like hell from Go Daddy all they do is keep selling you something saying you have to have it. In one day they scammed us out over 50 dollars for things they told us we needed. But the main problem is that lie like hell about what they say and think your to stupid to know what was told to you. There is no way you can listen to a full 45 min call in just 5 min. Run, run fast from them. We are going to contact our Attorney in the morning over what they have done to us with there telling you lies to get you to buy something else.

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