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    June 03, 2016
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    June 03, 2016

    Good for Free but not as promised

    The service is good, for a free service that is a reseller of another reseller program. Features are nice, software availability is nice, etc. Only problem, which is also stated wrong, is that the uptime is not 99.95%. My current report shows a 94.54% uptime. The monitoring is done by a reputable firm, but on the limited free plan with limited monitor options. The site times out often and is the sole cause thus far for a duration of 1+ month. The reported downtime is randomly checked and verified to find the site non-responsive and timing out. Approx 25% of the reports are checked and all have been found to be valid "site down" reports. My review is honest, for free, you get a free service, but the offer is promised falsely, you do NOT get 99.95% uptime. Will I continue to use it, yes. If the site was of a more important purpose, no.

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    • Thank you your feedback. In May 2016 there was a downtime due to some issues with Data Center outage otherwise our overall uptime is 99.92% in 2016. I know you have posted your experience with our service... You may check uptime report at:

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