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    January 29, 2018
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    January 29, 2018

    Fast response, but lack of knowledge

    The support usually responds to an open ticket within an hour. Which is a breath of fresh air when compared to other companies I've dealt with. However, the knowledge of their techs and engineers seems to be lacking greatly. I've had a downtime issue at random since I started using them, but nothing too severe. They usually reset the server, and it runs fine for a few hours or days, until it happens again and they have to reset it again. Well, recently, the server has been getting suspended on a daily basis. They said it was because of SMTP connections, but they were wrong, I don't use the mail server for much of anything. They then said it was because I used the full 2TB of bandwidth for the month. This however, is also not true. I dont have the sites needed to break 66gb a day to hit 2 TB. After looking at the logs, I had actually only used 37.9 GB for the month. They told me that they would monitor my site while it was going through these problems. However, they didn't monitor it. It would go offline each day at 12am est, and I would lose valuable time. If I was in bed, the server would stay off line until I got up the next day and opened a ticket, and they responded. That could be 12 hours easily lost. So, they didn't actually monitor the site. I don't even know right now if they know how to monitor the site. I am currently in the process of waiting for them to reply to my questions about the SMTP connections, the bandwidth usage, and if they're conducting a thorough investigation on their end. So far, every time I have asked, I've been almost ignored, and responded to with a new problem. Almost as if they're just hoping to throw me some information that I can't prove otherwise on. I am becoming very disappointed in the service. Which is upsetting, because I thought they were going to be my permanent provide after leaving the terrible company I had before.

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