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    December 26, 2018
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    December 26, 2018

    It started with an IP that was blacklisted

    At first, I was impressed by the speed of their support. But I soon learned that quick doesn't mean your problem gets resolved. I had three not too exotic requests they could not help with. They keep your password on file because - so they claim - they manage, and maintain your VPS and act when problems arise. But they don't. My site was down twice for several hours. Until I noticed it was. And just because too many backups filled up the disk space. I cancelled in the first month. Obviously, "managed" hosting doesn't make sense if it's not managed. They have a clause that you can cancel with a 7-day notice and they also have a clause that they do not refund prepaid amounts. I believe that's not legal in Europe/US - but they are in India.

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    • Before you read any further be advised that this reviewer is a known fraudster and is listed across multiple fraud databases such as MaxMind ( and FraudRecord ( The fact that the review is not from a real name and instead uses a fictional character only attests to the same. The client had ordered using a VPN and a P.O Box address and was blocked by our fraud prevention system, the order was only cleared after a manual request from the client and based on a goodwill gesture the order was cleared by our billing team and the client was allowed to pay. Now looking back at this, we should have never done it. The first hint as to why this review is false is the fact that the client placed an order and paid with PayPal. Anyone familiar with PayPal already knows that a seller cannot charge a PayPal account. PayPal does not allow it's merchants or sellers to charge PayPal accounts as if it were a credit card. The client crying about the fact that we charged her is instant proven incorrect once again. The client had ordered a Managed VPS plan on the 11/15/2018 and was paid via PayPal. Copy of the invoice is available here ( transparency. Any issues that may have cropped up were resolved and she had nothing but good things to say about our support. The renewal of the service was on 12/15/2018, however, the invoice for the renewal was paid via PayPal once again, on 12/01/2018. If someone is as unhappy with the service as the client here claims to be, why would she pay for the renewal in the first place? Copy of the invoice for the renewal is available here ( Then on the Tuesday 4th December, we received a cancellation request from the client citing health reasons. It read and I quote, "Dear Sir or Madam, Your service and pricing impressed me a lot. I am proud that my tweets are on your homepage and will continue to speak well about you. For health related reasons I will be unable to push my websites for the near future and will be facing extensive doctor's bills. For that reason only, I would like to cancel my subscription for 12/15. Please kindly refund the prepaid second invoice amount. I will return as soon as I can. Again, I am very impressed with your service. Best, Aurorasa Sima" This was acknowledged and despite she being outside the 7 days refund period, as a courtesy and goodwill (probably another mistake by us) she was refunded via PayPal as seen on the invoice given above and also the conversation trail available here ( So she was indeed refunded. However, that did not seem to be the end, she went ahead to dispute the original PayPal made a month ago as well. It is quite unfortunate that we come across clients like this. In order to protect another provider from going through the same ordeal, we did add our comments to her already existing Fraud Record reports.

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