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    July 08, 2018
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    July 08, 2018

    HostGator costed me BIGTIME!!!

    As soon as I signed up with HostGator I got flooded with problems which lasted for about 3 months of talking with support to resolve the issues... Then I didn't have any problems for almost 1 year. Then they didn't update my SSL even though they automatically charged me for it. No warnings at all. After being told by a friend and seeing my analytics flat, I realized that my website was down. Took about a week or 2 to resolve this problem. I sucked it up again and kept going. I updated my website and it was loading really slowly so I upgraded to their Cloud Hosting with the assurance that the difference in price would be refunded back to me. The gave me a HostGator 'credit' instead... this upgrade was the beginning of a nightmare. My website was down yet again, their support tickets that I submitted previously were erased so I had to recover the previous problems and my email was dropped even though I asked repetitively on the whole process and procedure of switching hosting platforms... I wanted to make sure that this was a smooth process and since my business is operational, I wanted to avoid all problems. My email was down for about 3 weeks which noticeably impacted my business since I get most of it online. I didn't realize this until one of my customers sent me an e-transfer for a job and I didn't receive it. All of my emails during this time were erased. Any estimates for customers or replies or inquiries were completely gone!! This alone was over $5,000.00 worth in business. I rely solely on this business to survive and this was a huge shame... I decided to switch hosting so I told them this and they immediately deleted my hosting account... I told them specifically not to delete anything until the new hosting took over... Now my website is gone. I seriously don't understand how HostGator can survive as a company with their complete lack of competence. If this doesn't get resolved in the next few weeks, I am going to sue this company.

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