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    December 29, 2018
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    December 29, 2018

    I lost more than I bargained for

    I didn't listened to the reviews on here and purchased their service, only to find out the hardway. That what everyone was saying about them would happen to me too. These guys have lots of employees/contractors and can manipulate reviews to burry the real ones. My word of advice, look for an alternative solution to hostgator. I took the free SSL service they offered me when i signed up, then my website got hacked. Because all of my other sites and subdomains were under the same folder, they all too got hacked. (they put everything under one folder for some reason) I had previously contacted them about this being a vulnerability and how can we fix this, they would always just try to upsell to a different plan that didnt fit my needs. After I got hacked, they offered their partner service "SITELOCK" its about $70/month/12 months per site, you can do the math if you have multiple sites. I got a 3rd party service to remove the malware but I was told by the 3rd party company that timestamps were different from the previous day and now my account had virus again. Everytime i contacted hostgator they made me wait long periods of time, then after waitting they would tell me they could not help me, it violated terms of agreement. To purchase sitelock. I contacted them to confirm if my account was still infected or not. They would always tell me, to purchase sitelock they would be able to tell me. I contacted sitelock, they said they couldn't tell me, only hostgator would be able to do that. I literally had to purchase their service for everysite, wether it had virus or not as they couldn't verify anything for me, and thats pretty much what I had to do. I paid them more, way more than I needed to have my server cleaned, then cancel the service with hostgator a year before end of term and got no refund and had to migrate my servies to another provider. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT PUT YOURSELF IN A VULNERABLE POSITION AND BUY HOSTGATORS SERVICES.

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