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    August 21, 2022
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    August 21, 2022

    Major issues with Hostgator outgoing CloudMark email filter

    I have been with HostGator for many years and have generally been fairly happy until now. My consulting business domain and email accounts are currently on a HostGator shared server and everything has been fine for the past 5 years. Within the past two weeks I have been experiencing issues with outgoing emails being blocked due to a network IP address appearing on a Cloudmark CSI blocklist. The notification that the outgoing email has been blocked by HostGator does not appear for 24-36 hours after the email was sent. I created a support ticket and the replies were not at all helpful even after escalating the case to senior Linux admin. Here are the facts: 1. The IP addresses that are block listed are not my local IP address, but apparently somewhere in the routing of my ISP., which of course I have no control over. 2. The outgoing emails that were blocked were REPLIES to existing clients, with no more than 2-5 intended recipients. Clearly I am not sending spam.. HostGator tech support basically just said that I somehow needed to get my ISP to change their network IP addresses. I live in a region that essentially has just one high speed internet service provider supporting over a million people. I have no leverage with the ISP, which is also very busy as a cable provider and now a mobile phone company. Good grief. The only other solution offered by HostGator was to switch to a VPS account, which of course costs 5x what we have been paying (note: the Cloudmark outgoing email filter applies to all shared hosting plans, but can be turned off for VPS or dedicated server plans). As a small business, we work hard to control costs. What concerns me more is that nobody at HostGator has indicated any concern whatsoever that this is a business critical issue for me, nor would they admit that the outgoing email filter was preventing legitimate emails from being sent. If we continue to have this issue, we will most likely look for another hosting company altogether. I'm sure HostGator's VPS would work fine, but honestly, if this is how they treat long-term customers maybe it is time to switch. Do better, HostGator

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