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Updated: 20 May 2019 | Next update: 27 May 2019

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About Hostiserver

HostiServer is one of the best and reliable web hosting company around with fast and quality servers located in USA and NL. With an ambitious team of IT-professionals with vast experience in hosting and infrastructure solutions, HostiServer offers fast servers, Free Remote Backup, in-house support, Free Trial, Moneyback Guarantee, Supports Multiple Domains and Emails.

Hostiserver hosting plans

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Professional 24/7/365 Phone & E-Mail Support

Lightning Fast Setup

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

High Performance and Reliability

Locations: USA & NL

VPS Hosting comes at affordable price with option to choose location (USA & NL), up to 8GB RAM and 100GB SSD.

For the Geeks

2x32GB RAM DDR4 2133MHz (up to 512GB)

2x240GB SSD (Up To 6SSD)

10 TB Bandwidth (Traffic)

Lightning Fast Setup

Professional setup and software installation

DEDICATED $260.00 /mo.

With our dedicated servers you'll have stability, premium support and fast setup.

For the Geeks

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