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    August 07, 2013
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    August 07, 2013

    Down for five days and counting, with no communication

    Quick question: Your servers go down. Do you (a) restore the backups, (b) contact your customers and let them know that things will be up and running ASAP or (c) stand around with the your thumb up your keister. They chose (c). From their piecemeal statements to angry customers via the chat support, it seems that they may not have redundancy, or backups. Many of us, after five days, don't even have DNS or MX servers up, sites themselves be damned. Even those who have had their sites "restored" are seeing months-old backups. Yeah. I'm picturing a few dusty old servers in some douche's basement. When they all crashed, with no backups, it left all of us absolutely up the creek without a paddle. Also, it's been five days. No emails. No "sorrys". No real updates whatsoever. In fact, if my email hadn't stopped working, I would have had no idea that their servers had gone down. Do yourself a favor. Spend the extra few bucks and go with a reputable company.

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