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    October 03, 2018
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    October 03, 2018

    The worst host I ever used

    I had my web site, "", on Hostmonster for over 3 years (2010 to 2013), and it was a nightmare. First off, they do throttling. They have patented technology for throttling the number of CPU cycles a customer's web site may use, and they use their throttling technology heavily. When your web site takes off and becomes popular, you will get email messages from visitors complaining that your site is down, and inaccessible. That's Hostmonster at work. Hostmonster is an over-seller. Meaning: they do not have the resources needed to give you what they sold you. They promised you the moon to get you to sign up with them, offering free and unlimited everything, but they do not actually have enough computers or bandwidth to deliver on their promises. So they throttle your web site, and don't serve out the pages, or just serve them out very, very slowly. They have, or had, when I was on it, a hard limit of 50,000 files. They promised unlimited storage, but the gotcha is that you could only have 50,000 files. Now that sounds like a lot, but it isn't. EVERYTHING counts as one or more files. Every piece of spam email that you receive is a file, and if it has little graphics in the email, each image is another file. Each attachment is another file. You can receive a bunch of spam email, and suddenly you are over the 50,000 files limit, so Hostmonster stops accepting email for you -- they just throw your email into the trash can. It doesn't matter if it was really important and not spam -- into the bit bucket with it, never to be seen again. NOT retrievable. Then they will try to guilt-trip you when you have problems with their limits, complaining that you are using more than "your fair share" of the resources, and taking services away from somebody else. That's to cover for the fact that they are an over-seller. If using the services that you paid for causes pain to somebody else, it's the hosting company's fault, not yours. They sold you the services, and they are supposed to deliver, which they cannot do because they are an over-seller without enough resources. DO NOT register your domain names with Hostmonster. They will register your domain name IN THEIR NAME. They OWN your domain name. (They say that they are "keeping it safe" for you. That's like letting the local junky "hold" your money for safekeeping.) If you decide to leave Hostmonster to move to a better hosting system, Hostmonster won't let you have your own domain names back. They will hold your domain names hostage. (I use for my name registrations. No problems, even after several years. I thank my lucky stars that I had already registered my domain names with Omnis before I moved my web site onto Hostmonster, so they couldn't claim my domain names.) About up time, forget it. While the web server usually stays up, that won't help you when they throttle your web site into silence. Other people will see your web site as down. And the background stuff like email and Cpanel and MySQL and cgi-bin went down all of the time. It was usual for email to be down two days at a time, and sometimes longer. Then they didn't have a word of apology or explanation when it came back. And of course they tried to upsell me whenever I complained about a problem: "If you want really good service, you have to buy one of our premium plans, where we will move your web site to a better computer." When I decided to leave Hostmonster, they were peppering me with notices to renew the hosting for another year or two or three, which I ignored, because I was getting a new host. They lied to Paypal and said that I had authorized auto-renewal, which I most assuredly had never done, and they tried to suck a couple of hundred dollars out of my Paypal account (which wasn't in there). So Paypal tried to pull the money out of my bank account and caused overdraft fees, twice. It took me a couple of months of phone calls and getting letters and statements, to get the overdraft fees reversed. I've heard this before. Hostmonster routinely claims that it is authorized to auto-renew customers when they have not agreed to that. Hostmonster sometimes hides fine print in the sign-on form, so that when you pay for the first time, they can claim that you agreed to auto-pay. They are just money-grubbing. By the way, Bluehost is the same company, just using another name, and they do the same throttling. It's the same people and the same racket. Avoid both of them. Update: Now I hear that both Hostmonster and Bluehost have been bought by EIG (Endurance International Group), which is a very large corporation that owns hundreds of hosting companies, and service and prices have just gotten worse while the corporation seeks to maximize its profits. That leads to another problem: Research very carefully who owns any web hosting company before you choose your host. With EIG owning hundreds of smaller hosting companies, you can be signing onto the equivalent of Hostmonster under hundreds of different names. (I sadly laugh and cringe in pain when I hear people talking about comparing Hostmonster service and Bluehost service and Hostgator service, and trying to determine which is the better company to go with.)

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