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    September 25, 2017
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    September 25, 2017

    Will not refund on cancellation

    I signed up with Hostpapa to find that their offer of free domain transfer only applies to a single domain, If you want to transfer a second one, it costs a small fortune. So I requested cancellation, knowing they advertise free cancellation within 30 days. They ignored my request for cancellation until after 30 days, then cancelled and refuse to refund my money, because it wasn't cancelled within the 30 days! The hosting never started, ie they never hosted my website, not even for a minute and yet will not refund.

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    • Dear Laurie, We have reviewed your account with us #337655 and as indicated we provided you a full pro-rata refund for our services. Similar to all other domain providers, domain name registrations and transfers are not refundable Our agents were very clear that this was the case, which you found to be not acceptable. They offered you a full pro-rated refund for all other services. In addition, you took the liberty to be abusive to our agents who were trying to resolve this matter amicably and here was your response to our customer care agent: -------------------- Hello R*****, Go to hell. Hostpapa promised me that you would organise everything needed for to transfer from my previous provider to you, and you did nothing. You have never provided the hosting service that you charged me for and you are therefore guilty of fraud and theft. Stick this article right up your arse and tomorrow I will lodge my case at the local court and sue you for the full refund. I will also sue you for all related legal and court fees. At the same time I will launch a massive campaign to tell the entire internet about your rip-off activities. ...And you are the customer care person?.... Shit I would hate to deal with someone that was just greedy and didn’t give a fuck about your customers!!! GFY -------------------- Laurie, this is in sharp contrast to your video where you profess that "customer service is what makes us special" " I am sure you can appreciate our agents are human beings, trying to do their best like your video professes and this kind of abuse is not acceptable. We wish you the best with your new hosting provider.

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