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    January 09, 2018
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    January 09, 2018

    very poor customer services

    Back in 2008 I took out a HostPapa plan where everything was pefect. However, Since 2015, I've had nothing but trouble. Poor server response times and severe lag. with technical support taking days to fix, sometimes taking even 24 hours just to respond to the ticket. Despite moving my services to a newer server (twice), we still suffered severe outages or web site lag. This has greatly impacted our Google ranking, and without doubt lost us customers. In my opinion shared servers are over populated. So I took it upon myself to raise a complaint with HostPapa, asking how they expect I run a small business with such frequent outages and downtime. What do I recieve for my complaint ? HostPapa terminating my contract. I'm absolutely appauled and discusted. It seems HostPapa's way of keeping customer satisfaction high, is to terminate the contracts of those who have the audacity to complain. Please read for yourself. We want our customers to be happy at HostPapa, unfortunately following a review of your feedback regarding HostPapa and the services we provide it is clear that you have not been happy with us. As this is not a healthy business relationship we have taken the decision to end the relationship at this time and we are now providing you with 30 days notice. Absolutely appauling customer services.

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    • Dear Keaton (aka “Daniel Oakes” on this website and others), we are truly sorry to hear about your negative experience with our service. Upon reviewing your account history and the direct feedback you provided in your support tickets, we understand that you were extremely happy with HostPapa’s service for 7+ years. In your words: “In 2008 I took out a HostPapa plan. The service was second to none, my services were perfect in every respect. And continued to be so for 7 years, trouble free. Any support tickets were handled with almost immediate response times, and resolved in a timely manner. Then around 2015, I suffered a major outage, one which took at least 24 hours to obtain a support response, the response being unsatisfactory, meaning I had to make a further reply, and wait another 24 hours before anything was even looked at. It took maybe 3 days before a final resolution. I was annoyed as to how long it took to resolve, but hey, this was the first major outage in about 7 years.” From your ticket history, we see that you experienced some MYSQL performance issues in April 2016 and some sporadic website performance issues in 2017. We can see from your responses that you had become extremely frustrated and agitated with our service and the responses you were receiving from our support team. As a result, on December 8th, 2017 our support team sent you a notification indicating that they believed it was in everyone’s best interest to discontinue the business relationship. At that time we also provided a full prorated refund for the balance of your term and offered assistance in migrating you to a new provider, which included backing up your website data, etc. We can assure you that our senior customer support team here at HostPapa has reviewed all the correspondence in your account. We are truly sorry that this matter ended up this way and, although it may be too late to resolve this situation with your account, I can tell you that our team has learned from this and how to perhaps better handle similar situations moving forward. We wish you the best hosting experience with your new provider.

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