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    November 21, 2018
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    November 21, 2018

    False promises

    I was with a host called Site5 last year when I received an email from Derek at Hostpapa stating that Site5 was acquired, their service would change for the worse, and a majority of the original server health and servicing teams had onboarded with Hostpapa. I was extremely fond of the servicing from my previous host, so I started asking questions about the service. They even had Jamie (the CEO of Hostpapa) court me as a lead. I was concerned over the server's physical location and latency, but was assured by Jamie that "we are opening up DC's in the USA this year (probably match your timing)." I took the bait and migrated over a vanilla Wordpress blog to start and my page load time had gone from an average of 3-4 seconds to 12-13 seconds - even with site caching. I waited a little bit longer for that US-based server. It never came. When I asked about it again I was met with radio silence. They refused to look at resource usage across the shared environment. When I submitted a support ticket about site speed they sent me to the knowledge base and closed the ticket. When I asked to be refunded a prorated amount for hosting, I was denied. I had only used 6 weeks out of my 52 week purchase, and even a partial prorated refund would have been satisfactory. They refused to work with me. They basically stole my money with yes-sirs and false promises and delivered a level of service that was far below expectations. Based on my experience, my opinion is that Hostpapa provided a minimum viable product marketed as a top tier solution. If server location, resource balancing, and page load time is absolutely something you're concerned about, consider taking your business to another hosting company.

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    • Hi Dave, My name is Mike I am the Business Development Manager for HostPapa. We sincerely apologize that we were unable to meet your expectations. But we did have a large amount of Site5 customers migrate to our hosting platform who are extremely happy with the service and performance of our platform. As you mentioned all of our servers are currently located in Toronto but we are planning on expanding our data centers into the US market and although this has not happened as quickly as we would have liked it is still on our roadmap. We have however partnered with Cloudflare to provide our valued customers with over 155+ server locations around the world to serve their static content. Cloudflare comes FREE with all web hosting accounts. Please do not hesitate to reach back out to us and we will try our best to help resolve this issue to your satisfaction. You can ask to speak with me specifically and I'll be happy to meet with you to find a resolution. Sincerely, Mike Brown- Business Development Manager

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