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    January 21, 2018
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    January 21, 2018

    Professional Scam

    This is the worst hosting website to order from, what ever is in their privacy policy page is not true and the "14 days 100% Money Back guarantee" is a scam I requested my money back the same day as I order the VPS because it didn't meet my expectation, it was too slow, they told to me to wait 5-10 days to get my refund, I waited and didn't get any refund they led me to open a PayPal dispute and at the end they won it because they told PayPal that I was abusing their service and they terminate my account and PayPal passed the dispute to their favor. BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU STEP INTO THIS COMPANY BIGGEST SCAM EVER. Plus their servers are slow.

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    • I swear to you guys they are the biggest refund scam, you can check the ticket chat here on this link :
    • Our privacy policy is irrelevant to your case, not sure what it has to do with a refund request, we did honour the refund request and told you clearly it will take 5-10 "WORKING DAYS" and within 7 "WORKING DAYS" you disputed with PayPal and decided to use PayPal for the refund request instead of waiting for the 10 working days to elapse fully, since we did not have the funds after your PayPal dispute we told you we can't refund it since its on hold with PayPal and they refused your refund request because we have proven the case and showed them the entire email history, I am very sorry you feel that way but we really did our best to communicate with you that our refund policy works that way, however you kept threatening to open a paypal dispute from the start mocking our refund policy and saying its just a refund button not understanding that every company has a policy to follow.

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