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    January 13, 2015
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    January 13, 2015

    None hosting company is perfect, i know... but this one is the best i know.

    I used to work in the SEO industry the last 12 years. Hosting always a problem... some day i started working with the company know today as Hostupon. Well let me say i moved all the sites i have here and i suggested this company to every client i have. Problems? Yes, as in any company things sometimes goes wrong. But i appreciate HOW the HOSTUPON team respond to my problems. Fast and personal. I never feel like a number or if i was the problem and not the server as you will feel in most hosting companies. They will know you, will know your needs and they offer a personalized attention the old way and in the other side they offer NEXT GEN tech you will love. I can´t ask for nothing better and after trying most of the "famous" hosting company i am here since about 7 years. Mauro Hummerich C.E.O., White Hat Firm LLC

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