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    August 17, 2017
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    August 17, 2017

    the behavior inmotion hosting

    this is the behavior inmotion hosting : this person change to 2000S (Web Hosting) 1 year 479.88 without my permission this is the way u care about ur customers 01:47:04 AM [Darshana] Hi 01:47:37 AM [Darshana] are u there 01:47:47 AM [Kristina F.] Yes I am here 01:48:13 AM [Kristina F.] How can I assist you? 01:48:40 AM [Darshana] I hv some payment problem for renewal is it possible to change R-2000S (Web Hosting) 1 year 268.68 to 6 month term 01:49:04 AM [Kristina F.] We can always change the term of your plan. 01:49:08 AM [Kristina F.] For security purposes, we will need you to verify the account with either the current Account Management Panel (AMP) password or the last four digits of the credit card we have on file. 01:50:03 AM [Kristina F.] Thank you for verifying your account, Darshana. 01:50:38 AM [Darshana] can you give me pls more discount for this.. i'm in payment issue that the reason 01:51:28 AM [Kristina F.] Please hold 3 - 5 minutes while I look into this for you. 01:52:24 AM [Darshana] ok thx 01:56:58 AM [Kristina F.] Thank you for holding. I appreciate your patience. 01:57:18 AM [Darshana] yup 01:59:05 AM [Kristina F.] It appears that last year you were given a 2nd year of our introductory pricing and this was never updated to our standard pricing. I can see if we can honor this pricing for another year but, we would not be able to offer any discounts on it. 02:01:34 AM [Darshana] ok pls make same price for 6 month term i'm big trouble but i required to continue. i can't pay that much amount 02:01:54 AM [Kristina F.] The 6 month term would be $239.64 02:02:16 AM [Darshana] this half $134.34 02:02:48 AM [Kristina F.] The pricing was never updated to the standard pricing. You should be paying $479.88 per year. 02:03:00 AM [Kristina F.] The 6 month pricing is $239.64 02:03:23 AM [Darshana] can u make same this price half 02:04:05 AM [Kristina F.] I unfortunately, I would not be able to offer any discounts. 02:05:15 AM [Kristina F.] Did you want to go to a 1 month term? That would be $39.99 02:05:24 AM [Darshana] nop 02:05:38 AM [Darshana] i'm not asking discount 02:06:02 AM [Darshana] i'm asking 6 month term same current price 02:06:43 AM [Kristina F.] Unfortunatley, we would not be able to do that since that is introductory pricing 02:07:11 AM [Darshana] or this 268.68 i can pay two payment 02:07:16 AM [Darshana] not one time 02:07:48 AM [Kristina F.] How far apart would the payments need to be? 02:08:06 AM [Darshana] half half 02:08:44 AM [Darshana] 3 month 02:09:05 AM [Kristina F.] I am sorry but, we would not be able to do that. 02:09:24 AM [Darshana] wt can do for 02:09:51 AM [Darshana] i can't pay one time that why i'm asking this 02:10:11 AM [Darshana] pls ask ur supervisor 02:10:11 AM [Kristina F.] I understand but, we can't do payments 3 months apart. 02:10:23 AM [Darshana] wt u can offer 02:10:54 AM [Kristina F.] I apologize but, there is not much I can offer you since the account was left at an introductory rate. 02:11:43 AM [Kristina F.] The only other thing I can suggest is to go to a 1 month term 02:11:56 AM [Darshana] who many days i hv for after renewal date 09/08/17 02:12:07 AM [Kristina F.] 7 days. 02:12:23 AM [Kristina F.] You can also contact us if you find you need more time beyond that 02:12:32 AM [Darshana] 1 month term $22 per month 02:12:55 AM [Kristina F.] 1 month term is $39.99 02:13:22 AM [Darshana] can u give me some solution pls ask ur superiors 02:13:45 AM [Kristina F.] Please hold 5 - 7 minutes while I look into this for you. 02:13:50 AM [Darshana] thanks 02:18:44 AM [Kristina F.] Thank you for holding. I appreciate your patience. 02:20:20 AM [Kristina F.] Unfortunately, we would need to move your pricing to the standard rate. So if we move you to the 6 month term it would be $239.64. If you stay at the 1 year term it will be $479.88. You can move to the 1 month term for $39 02:20:26 AM [Kristina F.] $39.99 02:21:09 AM [Darshana] pls keep this way 02:21:29 AM [Kristina F.] I apologize but, I can't do that. 02:21:55 AM [Darshana] after i contact u changing prices 02:22:12 AM [Darshana] what is this 02:22:16 AM [Kristina F.] This is the price that you should have been paying. It was not updated. 02:22:36 AM [Darshana] i will pay some how that payment 02:22:41 AM [Darshana] keep like this 02:22:57 AM [Kristina F.] I apologize but, I can not keep it at this amount. 02:23:23 AM [Darshana] after i contact only now u going to change 02:23:38 AM [Darshana] till this time u told me pay this amount 02:23:42 AM [Kristina F.] We would have caught it when the account came closer to renewal 02:23:55 AM [Darshana] i'm posting this to social media 02:24:18 AM [Darshana] this all chat 02:24:24 AM [Kristina F.] I apologize but, you recived a discounted rate 2 years in a row. 02:24:47 AM [Darshana] what the behavior inmotion hosting 02:25:00 AM [Kristina F.] May I help you with anything else today? 02:25:06 AM [Darshana] nop 02:25:15 AM [Kristina F.] Thank you for contacting us today. Please remember we are available 24/7 by phone, chat and email. If you would like to provide feedback on the service I provided for you today, you may email: Have a great day.

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