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    July 22, 2017
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    July 22, 2017


    Ipage are useless, when I just had hosting and barely use it, simple site, basic HTML, fine it worked, now that I am running a forum it is the worst hosting i've ever witnessed, their incompetent staff are useless, they don't actually fix anything, just write up a ticket, close it immediately and apologise profusely but don't actually mean it. The worst issue I have had was recently they "mistakenly" added a domain to my account, not mine someone else's, since their epic screw up I have received 3-4 calls a day from scamming "marketing" companies wishing to help me with my new domain, I now have to get a new phone number, this one I've had for 4 yeas, it is the backbone of my business, and now I have to get a new one because some "tech support master" couldn't realise they were adding a domain to the wrong account, no apologies, no real ones anyway, all I get is 2 months more of hosting with these incompetent idiots, stay away, avoid them at all costs, they will sell your info to anyone who wants it, they don't care about your business, they don't care about anything except keeping clients signed up to their ridiculous excuse of a hosting service.

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