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    January 11, 2018
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    January 11, 2018


    Hi A . My name is Supriya. Welcome to Chat Support, how are you today? A could you forward this to your coleague? Technical assistance: Website layout/display issues many of the files are missing V Vaibhav joined V Hello A. I am Vaibhav. Welcome to Chat Support, how are you today? A not so great many files are missing V Don't worry I will help you A and many pages do not work V Before we proceed, Please answer the Security Questions set for your account. Who was your childhood hero? A let's hope so ---- V Thank you for authenticating Are you getting forbidden error? A yes and the files are missing i had a html and jpg inside each one like this one for example : .... example V Do you have backup of those files? did you try to make any changes? A no i do not, and it took me 2 days to make the pictures and upload the htmls V Could you please be on hold while I look into this for you? I should have some more information regarding your issue in 3-4 minutes. I'll get back to as quickly as I can. S Sure, I will check this for you. I am sorry, the agent is not available. May I know the issue your having? A did you read the text above? S Yes, May I know the folder name? A there are many folders that have the same problem missing files for example brevete bunloc, webb, fatw, bizrank many many S Sure, I will check this for you. To protect your account from unauthorized changes, can you please verify for me the answer to the Security Question: Who was your childhood hero? A ----- .. S Thank you for the authentication. Can you please provide the file location in File Manager, in which files where missing? A link is the folder name one of those that miss the files but i don't know how to get the link S Okay, I will check. May I know when the files where missing? A thinking everything works fine i did not check in a while, and i have no way of knowing they are just a simple html displaying an image for example like on this one ..... but it took me 2 days to make the 100+ images and modify/upload the htmls on your server so i opened my hostig account with you guys and few monts later i uploaded the html and jpg on each folder since then i did not modify them so if you find a backup few month old should be good S May I know the date when the files where present? So that we can check for the bcakup? A around may 2016 but i am not sure S I am sorry, but we have only 14 days backup in the server. A sorry 20 may 2017 wow and ? why are the files missing? S We have only 14 days oldest backup in the server. A why are the files missing? S I am not sure, I will check with the technical specialist. May I place you on hold for 3 to 6 minutes, while I check this for you? A wow you guys.. my files are missing and you ask my permission for waiting 5 minutes? what service are you offering exactly? i do not want you to be polite with me i need my files back(the ones that you lost ) that is all i need if you want to help stop being polite and put the files back S Sure, I will check with the specialist about the files. Need to place ticket to get the backup of the files and folder in the File manager. Shall I place the ticket? A did you find out why the files are missing? i asked a question you did not reply S I am not sure, Need to place ticket about the backup and reason for the missing of flies. A what backup are you referring the 14 days old? i do not need that back-up i need my files what if this isshue you are having took place more than 14 days ago? S Yes, It will be restored to the File Manager. A and the back-up will not have the files on it? what then? S The missing files will be restored back to the File manager. A i am sorry i do not understand you said the backup is 14 days old what if that does not contain my files? what if the issue is older than 14 days and the files have been missing from 15 days? will i get them back? S We will get to know after the ticket is placed, the specialist will check in the server if the files are present . A you are not trying to help me you are trying to get the conversation ended great job great support i will copy this conversation thank you for you "help " after that she opened a empty support ticket where i have to explain again the problem just to find out the files are missing for more than 14 days ago.

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