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    January 31, 2018
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    January 31, 2018

    They literally steal your money - yes, steal

    I got a reminder from iPage that the new billing year was coming, and I could cancel within, I believe, 10 days. I cancelled on time. In Live Chat, which seemed to be their preferred way of communicating. (Note: I had not touched my empty site in at least a year, and in fact thought I had cancelled it one year earlier already, but I am not 100% sure of it. I've since read that they do sometimes just keep charging when you have cancelled, so I'm suspicious about it.) But suddenly, they had taken more than 300 euros out of my account anyway. I got back in touch with them, and they denied the Live Chat ever happened. If only I had thought to make a copy of it - but why would I have? It didn't occur to me for a moment that they could not be trusted. So this is my first belly ache point (yes, I get belly aches about this, it is simple thuggery.) They must have a record of my Live Chat, so they are outright lying it didn't happen. Well, I got back in touch with them countless times via email, support ticket, live chat, and finally the phone. It was exhausting. Different people tell you different things all the time, and I was about to give up, even though I needed that money, which had just been taken out of my account illegally. Finally I phoned (bit expensive from my country.) I got a very nice young man on the line, and he promised me he would make it alright, in fact he was away for a while and then told me he had already set the refund in motion. I was so relieved! And I could finally buy something I had really needed to buy. Then a few days later I get an email from them saying the refund wasn't happening because I...hadn't cancelled in time. (Yes I had, and in any case I had now been promised the money was on its way.) This has cost me a lot of time and energy, and even some extra money for the long international call. Also, I already spent the money due to me... I am extremely angry. They are supposed to be a friendly hosting provider, but they take your money away, just because they can. And they lied about not having a record of my live chat. As far as I'm concerned, iPage are thugs. Your money is not save with them. Just because they can take money out of your account whenever they want to (yes, they can, because you gave them your banking information), they do it. So - good luck signing up with a company who will take money out of your account (I've seen in other reviews that my case is not even nearly exceptional) and there's nothing you can do, because starting up a legal procedure would cost you, plus if they just say they don't have a live chat account...well... If I were you, I'd go with a safer, and pleasant company, not thieves.

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