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    April 17, 2012
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    April 17, 2012

    Ipower is the worst.

    Ipower is the worst company of any kind I've ever dealt with in any capacity, and I own a cell phone. Understand I've chosen these words very carefully. When I called to renew my domain and hosting, my domain had expired. My fault, 100%. Now, I was told specifically the domain was not in redemption with tucows, their registrar. Based on this information, I renewed, and was told the site would be back online in 12-24 hours. 2 days later the site still wasn't up. I called to ask why, they said the site was in redemption, and would cost me another 3x the amount I paid to get it back up. Unfortunately, after the renewal i had subsequently sent out resumes with my website's email address on them. If i had been told this information correctly to begin with, or minimally if i had been informed of the chance this could happen, i never would have done that, and I never would have renewed. I was directly mislead and misinformed into renewing, and ipower will do nothing to rectify any of it.

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