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    May 02, 2016
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    May 02, 2016

    Very Unsatisfactory

    Their recent 48+ hours crash was bad enough, but their customer service during the outage was ridiculous. They would not post global status updates. Only answer individual complaints, and many they would just ignore. I lost 2 days of email, but they would never admit it. The only way that they were will to help me if i gave them specifics of each email, sender address, date/time, etc.. Really easy for a customer provide if they never receive it! They posted on their website that the problem was resolved. Then i tell them i dont have any email, and they said it is still in queue. When I asked again, they said all was delivered and completed. When pressed, then they say well some is still in queue. Bottom line is mail was lost for 24+ hours, and they could never be forthright and honest about their mistake. I am going to find a different provider.

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    • Hello Mike, I'm sorry that you were part of that outage. We work hard to make to minimize hardware issues that would result in downtime. Unfortunately we can't predict when a hardware failure will occur. However when it does happen, we work quickly on a resolution to minimize customer downtime and to prevent data loss. When something like this happens, the best place to stay on top of what is happening is at our status blog. You can check this at any point during an outage as we update it regularly throughout any outage. We're sorry if you are missing any email, however all the mail in the queue would have been delivered after the outage concluded. We can generally check on the mail and see what the status is unless it never made it to our server. In that case, the sender would be notified via a bounce back message.

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