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    May 23, 2016
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    May 23, 2016

    Renewal policy and customer attitude

    I have 2 hosting plans with them: 1 since 2011, the other one - since 2012. I made a HUGE mistake by subscribing to an Automatic renewal. Why? Because this year, we had switched to a different hosting provider 2 months before our IX Web hosting hosting plan expired (the price of the package doubled over the 3 years), but did not turn off automatic renewal. They charged the credit card. And when we approached them (the same day!) asking how we can resolve the situation, perhaps, get a refund, because we cancelled using their hosting months ago, the response was: you can cancel hosting, but you did not update the automatic renewal policy. We don't provide refunds for this. Go ahead and cancel all your accounts with us but we are keeping the money. Even though we contacted them on the 1st day of the new annual billing period. The refund policy applies for 90 days after the day of the purchase. Does not apply to renewals at all. Now, if you want to change your billing information, you can

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    • Hello Olga, I am sorry you experienced this issue. In reviewing your account with us I see that we allowed you to change the billing period of your Expert Plan to a Monthly one, the difference was credited to your billing profile balance. And you were able to use those funds for new purchases or for the renewals of your existing products. In addition, one of our managers did try to contact you several times to see if this was satisfactory but could not get an answer nor a reply to their email. Thank you, IX Web Hosting

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