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    June 13, 2016
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    June 13, 2016

    Poor Customer Support

    When I started with IX Webhosting in 2009, the customer service was fantastic! It was always one of the same few people who answered and they could help me with any issue. Since then, they clearly outsource it. Now, people never understand what problem I am discussing. They are lost on the meaning of what I am saying. We clearly have language barrier issues- each time I call. It is incredibly frustrating.

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    • TW, I'm sorry that you are having a problem communicating with our customer service. We pride ourselves on the service we provide via all of our support channels. We work closely with our phone team to make sure they have superior training and are able to handle anything that comes their way but with millions of potential issues, sometimes an agent won't be familiar with your particular one. If you've had trouble communicating with an agent or find that they aren't familiar with your issue, a manager will be happy to take a look at it and get back in touch with you.

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