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    September 25, 2016
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    September 25, 2016

    very bad and very poor hosting

    full fuc**** hosting, they not provide all thing that they commit in their package, they hide CPU and RAM and storage limitations like CPU limit for all domains for unlimited package is only 300-min-cpu and f**** your date by them selves and not inform you. they are all bullshit. thanks

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    • Hello Sohail, I didn't have enough information to find your account, so I'm not sure what your exact issue was. It sounds like your websites were using more than their fair share of resources. Like any shared web host, customers on our shared servers are sharing the available resources. When one user utilizes more than their fair share of those resources it negatively impacts other users on the server. To make sure services remain functioning on the server for other users we do sometimes have to limit usage of the top users. For sites that have high resource requirements we also offer VDC and Cloud options.

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