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  • March 21, 2018
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    March 21, 2018

    Bought out by Site5

    I have had my domain through since 2000. I moved it to ixwebhosting in February of 2010. They have been great! I have never had any down time on my site while being hosted by ixwebhosting. However, they got bought out by Site5 and my web content was migrated to a Site5 server yesterday. After I redirected the nameserver information, my site was up and running for about 4 hours. Then the Site5 server disappeared. I did manage to contact Site5 "online chat" helper and he verified my name server info, but he too could not find the server, although he insisted that the server was up and running! He suggested I wait 4 or 5 hours till it may come back. My site has been gone for 22 hours now and still will not load. I too will be looking for a new host soon if they do not find the server or a little later once my paid time with them is closer to being up. At any rate, since ixwebhosting is closing their doors, DO NOT sign up with them. Site5 is not anywhere near as reliable as ixwebhosting WAS!

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    • ixwebhosting is closing their doors! Do not sign up with them. The folks who bought them out,, are no where near as reliable as ixwebhosting was. Keep looking elsewhere for a hosting site for your web content!
    • After my site got migrated to Site5 , it was only up for about 4 hours, then it disappeared and is still gone after 22 hours!
    • UPDATE: After enduring 4 days offline, they could still not get their act together. I moved my content to another hosting company! ixwebhosting was great, but they sold out to an apparently very incompetent company! After moving, my site was back up and running within an hour with the new host! has been online since Feb 2000. This experience with Site5 was the first time it was ever offline more than a few hours!

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