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    April 25, 2018
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    April 25, 2018

    ##Software:## CPanel it's good software and has been setup quite well on their RUBY accounts, which is what I've purchased and a client of mine, but I had to move my client away because of the following issues. ##Support## Tickets, tickets, tickets. Support were unable to resolve an FTP issue or replicate it or bother to test it externally as FTP is/was pausing constantly after x amount of files uploaded (youtube search pausing). And this took many days to get to the resolution that I should be uploading a zip file, extracting on the server and moving files and folders there (A BIG WTF) and they didn't test on another network. So anyone using EE as an ISP will face this issue supposedly, quite a serious issue if you ask me. So not for professionals. ##Purchase and Setup## Easy, setup went fine. ##Server setup## Your root ftp and site folder is thrown in at a server level you should not see. Most will put you 1 level above public_html your websites will get thrown in with .cagefs / .cl.selector / .cpanel / .cphorde / ssl/ tmp / www / public_html / public_ftp and other folders! Which is NOT good. Also no public_html folder setup automatically on domain setup on your account, so if you wish to work with php with a vendor directory your going to probably end up deleting your domain setup and re-creating it with a new root directory name of "" so you can do what you normally do for php package based development. ##Domain setup## I had some crazy domain setup madness going on with sub domains where it was creating records in the dns for things I didn't want to create but resolved it in the end. ##MySQL## Has remote connection capabilities, which is a must for me. PHPMyAdmin is fine, works at a reasonable speed and website queries appear to be of ok / good speeds. ##Speed## Its better than vidahost aka tsohost, Nowhere near as fast as my oneandone virtual cloud server account but it's good. ##Summary## They have decent speeds for both apache and mysql, some serious FTP issues which they can't resolve, put you in a strange starting folder on the server and domain creation folders are also not right but it can be overcome. I purchased a certa hosting account at the same time, identical setup virtually, some minor differences with cpanel, speeds were not quite the same and some other things which made me cancel my account with them but overall not the typical hosting I expected but good enough for wordpress websites, but not so ideal for framework level development in php.

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