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    April 12, 2016
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    April 12, 2016

    LiquidWeb is Our Wingman in Digital

    We and our clients have been through the gamut of hosting companies, including many registrars touting themselves as hosting companies. With each experience, the lesson is always the same: hosting companies just sell a block of space on a box. The cheaper they make it, the more blocks they can sell and the lower the quality of service becomes. LiquidWeb has consistently been there for us over the last 10 years, providing incredible security, up-time, and well-beyond out of scope support. I can list at least 50 times where we or a client broke something by adding a plugin, trying to make a change to a SQL database, or just making a really thoughtless error. With each urgency, LiquidWeb's support has been there, 2am in the morning on a support thread or call, without judgment, without push-back, always there to help solve a problem. They could double their prices and we'd stay with them if for noting else than their great support. Price is competitive and UI is super intuitive.

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