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    February 03, 2017
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    February 03, 2017

    Horrible Experience

    I have been a Liquid Web customer for over 5 years and the support has been great until recently. I was going to be a couple weeks late paying my invoice so I asked if I could have an extension until the 1st of the month. At 2am on the 2nd they shut down my server for non payment. I then payed the invoice and asked if they would turn my hosting back on. They said I need to pay next month's invoice as well even though it is not due for a couple weeks. I ask to speak to a manager and they told me I will need to put my request in writing as managers do not have the time to get on the phone for these situations. So much for "heroic support."

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    • We’re very sorry to hear about your experience, Andrew. We would like to take a closer look at this if you would be willing to share account or ticket information that we could use to investigate it further? Naturally, we would like to ensure that your concerns are addressed, but would also like to stress that there are some points included here that are not in line with how our Billing department operates (for instance, you should never have to pay anything more than the past-due to have an account reactivated, nor should you have been denied the ability to discuss this further with a manager). It would be very helpful to gather information that would allow us to clear up any miscommunication while ensuring that no one else goes through a similar experience. If you can help us with that by following up, we would very much appreciate it.

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