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    April 17, 2018
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    April 17, 2018

    Absolutely terrible

    I signed up with LiquidWeb after experiencing good support in some limited exchanges. Once migrating across, the issues never stopped. All our emails started getting filtered into people's spam folders. I spent day after day on the chat support where each staff member would tell me they were going to set all the SPF/DKIM info for the domains. I would then check back later and nothing was done. After 10 days and so many frustrated clients, I asked for instruction and then went and changed all the records myself. This still did not solve the problem, however, but then I was told since one of my accounts had been hacked at the previous server and had been sending spam emails, my IP address was blacklisted and that there was nothing they could do. On my previous hosting plan, all my domains were separated with different IPs so they couldn't affect each other this way. I asked if I could get another IP address and they told me that it wasn't possible and that "Networking" wouldn't allow it. They told me the only solution was to purchase premium business email, which bumped my monthly plan up by $22. I had no choice but to set it up and move 12 email addresses there. During the migration, countless issues took place again, but they offered no support. Later, I learned that they resell Rackspace email hosting, so what they could do was limited. Of course, this wasn't explained BEFORE I signed up. Once again, I was on my own. After spending another couple of days, it was finally resolved. Now, 2-3 weeks later, and finding very strange communication between my clients and I, with some becoming quite frustrated, I realized that my responses are never making it to them! Some emails I had responded to 2-3 times and nothing was getting through. My projects have been completely stalled! Of course, once again, after reaching out to LiquidWeb support, I am told that all my emails are going through according to their logs, and therefore it is a problem on the receiving end. Nope, the fact that this only started happening after moving to this so called "premium" service has nothing to do with it. It's 100% my fault and I'm 100% on my own again. NEVER EVER EVER in 15 years have I had such a bad experience. I've hosted with many companies. Even in places where I thought the support wasn't so good, at least everything worked. This place is a joke! BEWARE!!!!

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