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    September 20, 2017
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    September 20, 2017

    Great hosting and tech support

    I'm surprised at the lukewarm ratings I see here. Lunarpages has hosted two of my domains and some clients' domains for about the past 10 years. No problems at all, and their pricing is reasonable. Tech support agents are fast, friendly, and sound like they're based in the US. You get a real live knowledgeable human on the phone in literally seconds.. The only times I've needed support was when I was trying to do something I needed additional help with (or something I messed up, lol). The chart says they've lost a lot of domains to a certain other big hosting competitor, but that competitor is like the Walmart of hosting. I've worked on client sites with that other co.--not really that much cheaper and their support gave me and a client different (and wrong) answers to the same questions. Just made me appreciate Lunarpages even more. So, yeah, you'll pay a liiittle bit more than the cheapest/biggest host, but it's certainly worth it. I'm happy to keep using and recommending Lunarpages.

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